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  • Symmetrical Victorian Housing Blocks, SW1
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Photographed over four years, this project shows London – normally illuminated by dull, grey daylight – transformed under the cloak of darkness. Garish floodlighting casts deep shadows and silhouettes; hues of pink, cyan and orange colour the images. The stage is devoid of its human players and seems to showcase the scenery’s forgotten beauty, revealing a stark and otherworldly aesthetic in a city drained of its occupants. The built environment, deliberately contrived to service the needs and desires of humanity, makes sense in the context of teeming human life. Without this, its inherent functionality no longer visible, our urban spaces appeared to stand forlorn, waiting to be judged on their genius or folly, beauty or ugliness.

“There is in fact a whole other world to look at.”
— Creative Review

“It shows the empty humanity of England’s vast metropolis at its most vivid and alluring.”
— Monocle

Please see details of the book here.